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I'm super excited today, I  have no idea why, I just am. Possibly because there's still a bit of sun shining and I'm desperately still tying to cling on to the last little bits of summer before it gets all cold and grey. I hate winter, oh man do I seriously  hate winter and cold weather! You see when it gets really cold my skin starts to change, it start to become quite dry due to harsh winds that actually cause surface damage while the cold temperature air sucks out the moisture right from within my skin. And lets not forget the damage that excessive indoor heating can cause (well due to the fact that British Gas have raised their gas prices again and the fact that I'm quite poor and ghetto, this won't be a factor for me this year), but anyways I digress, indoor heating lowers humidity levels which causes your skin to lose moisture due to the dry air surrounding it. Plus imagine the havoc of going from a really harsh cold temperature to really warm dry temperature indoors then back outside to cold, that is literally torture for your skin!! 

Melvita Extraordinary Water - Great for Dry /Dehydrated Skins.
However my pretties, I have found a great solution, Melvita Extraordinary Water in Orange Blossom, its amazing stuff! This unique water gel is quite the hybrid as its like part serum and part moisturiser which helps to rehydrate water loss deep within the skin. The gel like texture also provide an extra moisture boost when applied before your daily moisturiser as it helps to softens and soothes while hydrating. The formula contains organic glycerine to soften and soy based hyaluronic acid which helps binds water to the skin, aids repair, and assists in the appearance of plumping up the skin while smoothing out fine lines. Finding hyaluronic acid in any moisturising product is fantastic because though we naturally produce  hyaluronic acid in the body (which is important in cellular functions, lubrication and repairing tissue dehydration), as we age, just like everything else in our body, it starts to diminish and we start to experience things like getting sick frequently, joint discomfort and wrinkles! Sorry that was the beauty nerd in me talking, I can't help it, I take my skincare quite seriously, sorry. Melvita actually offers three types of Extraordinary Waters such as Orange Blossom (mentioned above), Narissus (for radiance and brightening), and Rose (for firmness and anti ageing benefits). Each Extraordinary Water retails for £14 which may sound like a lot but all you'll need is about two drops per application. Trust me, I have been using it morning and night for just nearly over a month and there is still half a bottle left, I simply love this! 

You know Melvita is a pretty interesting company as it originated in France by a biologist and bee keeper named Bernard Chevilliat in 1983 and all of their beauty products follow strict french organic certification guidelines. Its really is so great to see these sort of companies gaining popularity because in today's society we are bombarded with so many beauty products out there that we sometimes don't realize that most of these products have too many synthetic preservatives and parabens which are not necessarily good for our skins in the long run. 

So honestly give Melvita a try, whether it be the Extraordinary Waters mentioned above, or any other beauty products that they do and let me know how you get on as I'd love to hear about it. There are quite a few shops popping around the UK, but in London you can go to several Whole Foods Markets Shops, Harrods Pharmacy, or you can go to one of their shops in Putney or Covent Garden and get a complimentary skin assessment to have products tailored to your specific skin needs. You can also order Melvita online .

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