Monday, 8 November 2010

Things your momma should have told you: eye creams

Hello lovelies,

guess what, I didnt have enough sleep and my eyes are burning while feeling very whats a girl to do...

simple, get your eye cream from the fridge! By placing your eye cream in the fridge it will help sooth puffiness and swollen eyes. Instant relief!

Hell, I'm going to even take it a step further and place my toner and night time moisturizer in there for the same reasons!...ahhhhhhhhhhh...(though i'm sure my fianacee already thinks i'm nuts...)

take care,

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Things your mamma should have told you: random tips

Hello again, seeing as how its been a while since my last "Things your momma should have told you" post...I'd thought iI'd chuck a couple of pearls of wisdom (or ramblings) at you... in no perticular order...

1. Body Scrub
-Though I'm a sucker for a good body scrub, I'm much more of a cheap skate..I mean if I have the £12.50 i'd probaly spend it on something else...anyways, which brings me to my tip..
**buy the coarses' salt you can find (sea salt I guess)and mix it with either a gentle/moisturizer liquid soap (Dove I guess) or baby oil/ body oil (baby oil/ body oil would be great cause it nourishes the skin after..i've actually taken this a bit further and used coffee grains after i've made a fresh cup of coffee (which i dont drink cause i hate the taste, but love the and used the damp grains directly on my skin in the shower in a circular motion...smooth...i believe caffene is good for the skin as caffeine's has anti-inflammatory benefits.....and of course after all that scrubbing, dont forget to moisturize!!

**drinks lots of water as it helps plump up the skin and removes toxics in the body. also, helps curb your appetite...and if you have a hard time drinking water, at a bit of lemon slices to that (Vitamin C!!)

3. Make-up brushes
**if you find MAC make-up brushes too expensive, head to your art supply store as they have brushes that are made well and do the same job...


4. Common Make-up mistakes
**if your foundation looks fake(or like a mask), rub moisturizer or dampen hands with water and press gently onto the face as this will help dilute your foundation, then blend, blend, blend..
**if your eyebrows are filled in and look really harse, just get a powder puff with a wee bit of face power and press on them..

That's all that I can think of at the top of my head but there's more comin', so don't you worry your pretty little heads off...

Take it easy,

Holy S#%$J#!

I totally forgot I even had this blog.....*sigh*.... will update more...promise..

hope you all have been well since my absence...
-miss yas.