Things your mamma should have told you: random tips

Hello again, seeing as how its been a while since my last "Things your momma should have told you" post...I'd thought iI'd chuck a couple of pearls of wisdom (or ramblings) at you... in no perticular order...

1. Body Scrub
-Though I'm a sucker for a good body scrub, I'm much more of a cheap skate..I mean if I have the £12.50 i'd probaly spend it on something else...anyways, which brings me to my tip..
**buy the coarses' salt you can find (sea salt I guess)and mix it with either a gentle/moisturizer liquid soap (Dove I guess) or baby oil/ body oil (baby oil/ body oil would be great cause it nourishes the skin after..i've actually taken this a bit further and used coffee grains after i've made a fresh cup of coffee (which i dont drink cause i hate the taste, but love the and used the damp grains directly on my skin in the shower in a circular motion...smooth...i believe caffene is good for the skin as caffeine's has anti-inflammatory benefits.....and of course after all that scrubbing, dont forget to moisturize!!

**drinks lots of water as it helps plump up the skin and removes toxics in the body. also, helps curb your appetite...and if you have a hard time drinking water, at a bit of lemon slices to that (Vitamin C!!)

3. Make-up brushes
**if you find MAC make-up brushes too expensive, head to your art supply store as they have brushes that are made well and do the same job...


4. Common Make-up mistakes
**if your foundation looks fake(or like a mask), rub moisturizer or dampen hands with water and press gently onto the face as this will help dilute your foundation, then blend, blend, blend..
**if your eyebrows are filled in and look really harse, just get a powder puff with a wee bit of face power and press on them..

That's all that I can think of at the top of my head but there's more comin', so don't you worry your pretty little heads off...

Take it easy,


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